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In the course of writing commentary articles, I have received letters from readers who feel the issues facing our society and culture are of such importance that prose is an inadequate medium for expressing their feelings and beliefs. 
As you will see, sometimes the Conservative Cause is most elequently expressed in verse.
If you have any poems, short stories, or political commetary of your own, please send them to me with the link at the bottom of the page.
-Justin Darr

Their Veterans' Day

Some said let you apologize

But that wouldn't do it in our eyes.

A man astride of each position

Could we believe your true contrition?

And on deaf ears your words would fall

To those whose names are on that Wall

The vindication they now accept

In settling up this long-held debt,

Is that for them we gave our best

And denied you, John, your lifelong quest.

We fought for them, fought for our own,

To make you reap what you had sown.

Listen carefully John to what we say,

November 2d was their Veterans' Day.

Russ Vaughn

2d Bn, 327th Parachute Infantry Regiment

101st Airborne Division

Vietnam 65-66



A Mother’s Grief

By Nell Berry (Copywrite 2004,2005)



Oh, the anguish, oh the horror,

oh the brokenness and grief.

Oh how sad and broken hearted,

how distraught with disbelief.

How can a mother in such pain,

 come face to face with death?

What could anyone be thinking,

 in the act that took her breath!

Oh my God, my God have mercy,

 on a mother who has lost

her precious, precious child.

There’s no way to count the cost.

No one can imagine,

 the depth of a mother’s love.

None can know the devastation when that child,

so greatly loved

is taken prematurely by such a senseless act

of thoughtless, violent emotion,

and nothing can bring her back.

I pray, oh Lord, for Your compassion,

 that Your grace and love abound,

Give this mother loving comfort

 that true faith and peace be found.

A Tribute to Lacy Peterson

By Nell Berry (Copywite 2005)


A lovely bride you were Lacy,

so happy to be one too.

Always a smile on your lovely face,

how could this happen to you?

We love you so and miss you,

our hearts are so full of grief.

Your smile, your laugh your personality,

such sorrow can bring no relief.

Our hearts are full of gratitude,

for so brief a time we had,

so thankful to have known you ,

but oh, how tragic and sad.

Never to see that smile again,

never to hold you near,

never to hold our baby grandson,

and dry his baby tears.

A mother to be, you beamed with pride,

your face just glowed with joy,

so radiant and full of happiness

to be having a baby boy.

We weep with grief, we laugh with pride,

your memory will never die.

We never can forget you,

our tears will never dry.

Friends and relatives cherish you,

but life must go on.

Our love for you will never fade,

we remember you like a song.

And so, we must say goodbye for now,

to you and baby Conner, farewell.

Our hearts are breaking,

 we’ll always love you,

your story we will tell.


The Old Sycamore Tree

by N. Berry   (Copywrite 2005) 

There's a tree standing mute, in the field out back,

no telling how long it's stood.  I look at it in wonder and amazement,

for the damage it's endured.

It's suffered many lightening strikes, with limbs broken and falling down;

the blows from Nature, merciless, yet it seems eternally earthbound.

It's a sycamore tree, like Zacheus climbed, the day when Jesus he found.  

As he struggled to see Jesus, he knew, his life needed turning around.

This tree, the old sycamore, has seen many a violent storm,

it's trunk, decayed and splintered, limbs broken and deformed.

Across the landscape, it's sprawled, undaunted by violence and strife.

From the elements, it's been mauled, and still, it clings to life.

Every year, it sprouts new growth, and bursts into bud again,

in a never ending cycle, it defies death and pain,

it's leaves finally opening, so beautiful and green,

 like Zacheus, after receiving Jesus, it comes to new life each spring.

Kind of like our Christian walk, through struggles and often shame,

 sometimes we are battered and broken and have to start over again.

Though we face adversity, we stand tall, like the sycamore tree we endure, for our strength is in the Lord.

No matter how many times we fall, or suffer through storms and strife,

we can always count on Him, Who gives us eternal life.

For Jesus is our High Tower, our Deliverer, our Hope.

He gives us strength to carry on, when we're at the end of our rope.

We keep plodding under a heavy load and He is always there.

We keep trodding down that long dusty road with no one to care.

When we see nothing but despair and can't see the forest for the trees,

When we aren't even aware, Jesus gives us the victory.


The Old Sycamore Tree II

By Nell Berry         1/25/04

Still standing out in the pasture,

through storms and devastation and strife,

the old sycamore seems to laugh at adversity

and keeps valiantly clinging to life.


It grieves me every time I look at it,

my heart aches for the trunk so deformed.

But I get some satisfaction in knowing,

like that tree, we too, can weather the storms.

God has been so merciful to me,

the storms of life come and go.

But each time the storm clouds gather,

He says “Peace be still” and they go.


I pray for the Day soon coming,

when Jesus makes His entrance in the sky.

He promises if we are faithful,

He will take us to our new home, by and by.

I can’t wait to go with Him,

to see my dear Mother and Dad,

my family will all welcome me,

when I reach that great city so glad.



The Old Sycamore Tree III

By Nell Berry        5/5/04

The old sycamore tree is still standing,

its green leaves heralding the spring.

Through storms and lightening strikes, it’s recovered,

by the miracle of re-birth, nature brings.

This tree standing out in the pasture,

it’s trunk so twisted and torn,

you can barely recognize it when you see it,

till the leaves burst forth to meet the dawn.


The old sycamore bent from years of struggle,

just as life bends us over with pain.

We are torn by sorrow and grief

feeling there’s no relief.

But our precious Heavenly Father,

brings us through once again.


That old tree remains, still fighting disease and decay

The limbs are so twisted,

trunk split several ways.

Just as the struggles of our lives

seem to twist and split us apart,

 we know we can call on our Savior,

He is always there from the start.

He will light the way and guide us,

if we obey Him, and give Him our heart



God’s Perfect Place

        by Nell M Berry      (Copywrite 2005)     


In God’s perfect world we could live,

in harmony and peace.

There would never be disruption,

no sickness or disease.

Everywhere would be contentment,

every day, a day of rest,

we would never have dissention,

or strive with good or best.


No disagreements would develop,

love, joy and peace would reign.

In God’s Holy presence, a tranquil nature we’d retain.

Unfortunately that perfect world does not here exist.

Peace and harmony are elusive;

                                                           for some just a myth.

In the Garden, Eve and Adam

gave up that perfect place.

For just one bite of that apple,

gave entrance to a whole new race.

A race for time and eternity,

to which we all subscribe,

the struggle between good and evil,

of which we all ascribe.


That place, that perfect place,

mortal humans cannot attain.

Heaven is that perfect place,

 where God is forever the same.

Our works, our deeds, no matter how good,

cannot our entrance gain.

Only the blood, the precious blood of Jesus,

still remains,

 the atonement, the sacrifice,

for which the Lamb of God was slain.


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