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Justin Darr

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Justin Darr is a freelance writer from the Philadelphia area where he lives with this wife, Erin, twin children , a mouse, three cats, and a spoiled dog named Xena. He grew up in rural Western Pennsylvania were he learned the values of hard work, honesty, family, and the downfalls of Liberalism

Justin is an expert in political philosophy, western world history, and the development of American society. He has worked on various political campaigns at all levels, served as an election official to verify ballot counts, and is a well know "aggressive debater" to all that know him. He is also a fountain of relatively useless knowledge do to years of University study.

He considers himself the hottest new conservative writer on the web so book mark this page and you can say you knew him before he was famous! His writing will definitely make you think, probably make you laugh, and possibly p*** you off.

In addition to the publications where my work is published regularly, my articles have also been featured in: